Fairconnects is a high definition webcasting service network with leading-edge digital OOH, OTT media company, creates innovative communication, giving comprehensive and infallible solutions to the audiences.

We are cyber world Multimedia content providers of leading infotainment publications, committed to deliver best possible video/audio, text and picture content multitude of Newspapers, Websites, Television Channels, Radio Stations, and Mobile Carriers.

Leaders In Multimedia

We are leaders in multimedia webcasting, serving our clients with our years of experience.

Specialized In Digital pDOOH

We have an outstanding out-of-home network to deliver soothing digital Ads experience to your target audience.

Empowering Infotainment

With our services, you will get guaranteed audience to see your brand and immerse in it.

We Make the World See Your Brand

Digital Signage advertising has changed the way of advertising. It has compelled the audience to gaze at the adverts and hence advertisers too consider it. It is impacting the lives in real-time and bringing opportunities for businesses like never before.


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Monthly Commuter Eyeballs


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Unique Commuter a Month

Features of Digital Infotainment System

Digital Infotainment Systems are the need of the
hour as it is the most effective option to showcase products and services.

High Definition Playback

With our digital infotainment system, we provide high-quality playback to effectively showcase your visual message in the pixel-perfect quality irrespective of the number of screens, ensuring value for money.

Scheduling and Workflow

To deliver the right message at the right to time to right people is the key factor of digital infotainment. Our system excels in the perfect scheduling of given content and advertisements within a well-timed manner.

Effective Distribution

Our systems are empowered with the aptitude to create an effective networked digital infotainment distribution, commendably transfer content to display and keeping a constant balance for smooth execution of the content.


Our system has a full proof monitoring control capabilities, available on one-touch click to see the content, time and performance.

Support For Media Formats

Our digital infotainment systems are coded to support various media formats such as photos, videos, and even web-pages.

Openness and Interactivity

With our system, we give utmost flexibility, interactivity and customization options.


  • Interactive: Our digital infotainment systems are interactive, having capabilities to turn potential prospects into customers.
  • Target Audience Attention: With this, you will get audience attention like never before. It instantly captures audience attention as visual display attracts them.
  • Improved User Experience: Digital infotainment improve user experience, thereby immersing them entirely into the content displayed.
  • Real-time content Updation: With digital infotainment, the flexibility of modifying the content within the real-time, making it a preferred choice amid advertisers.
  • Brand Recall: Digital Infotainment Systems improves brand recalling rate with 80%. Thus, it is an effective option of advertising to stay in their mind for long.

Easy & Customizable Product

Get FC-Box 4K home and turn your screen into an impactful world of entertainment. It is a smart device for on-demand streaming service facilitating you to effortlessly watch shows, movies, music, and streaming services from the internet on your TV, using HDMI port. Our streaming services include OTT platform’s content and much more.

Infinite Entertainment with infinite content

Fast and Responsive, Powered by Android and iOS

Realistic detailing with 4K Ultra-HD content display

Powerful performance with large Storage

High-Speed Streaming content, built-in Chromecast

Premium-quality audio DOLBY+DTS

Easy to connect, Supports Wired & Wi-Fi connections

Smart control Google Assistant

Area of Application

We work with huge and emergent media asset owners to showcase your brand. Following are our areas of application, where you can get hold of the moving audience.

Our Transit Partners

Together We Reform Advertising

What People Say

Niraj Sharma

Working with FairConnects has been a pleasure! They are systematic, hardworking and devoted to both drive lead volume and quality. They were truly devoted to understand our business goals, vertical seasonality and expectations. Recommendable.

Monika Rastogi

FairConnects services are worth our investment. After taking digital signage services from them for our new product advertising we have seen much appreciated growth in sales of our product. Their staff is truly amazing, they value your time and money spent. Thanks Guys.

Aman Nhata

I am happy with my decision of taking digital infotainment services from FairConnects. I must say, they excel in their services and with them you will get various benefits with their services.

Avinash Gunjal

FairConnects has truly understand our concept and presented our advertisements in the best form. We have experienced a growth of 70% in our leads. Thanks FairConnencts.