Outdoor/Indoor Display

To catch the ultimate buyers, by various ways of targeting the audience conventionally, is always a dream of an advertiser.

Fairconnects with its experience of catering to OOH have come with a new vibrant medium in the form of “Infotainment” and “Digital Interactive Display”. With the ever-changing technology, the methods of advertising also changed and by enlarge it is taking over by the digital signage displays, placed indoor and outdoor.

Fairconnects is a high definition webcasting service network with leading-edge digital OOH, OTT media company. We create innovative communication, giving comprehensive and infallible solutions to your advertisements with our infotainment system.

We are cyber world Multimedia content providers delivering advertisement, infotainment and news contents to our audiences. Our displays/advertisements are broadcasting on digital screens in Local Trains – Lifeline of Mumbai. With our attractive on-screen presentation, we strive to engage as many eyeballs of commuters for your products.
We always respect our clients decision and are dedicated to make their business achieve the attention it deserves. Our systems are supported with robust and stable installations, strategic tie-ups, amazing content, constant connection, and continuous innovation.