Technology has revolutionized every aspect of our life, and advertising too. Thus, by the help of digital signage, advertisers are able to get an extra mile of their product display over the moving audience.

Digital Signage at a Glance

A Digital signage, more than a television, can work as an efficacious communication tool for delivering your message and brings much more rewards to all the stakeholders.

Our centralized console system delivers the variety of advertisement properties displayed over the screens at the various places like transportation, hospitality, public places, education, entertainment, healthcare, government, place of worship, retail, corporate, malls, convention centers etc.

How FairConnects Helps

We offer multiple advertising properties to the advisors on our media which includes visuals, audio-visuals, H-band, ticker/scroll text etc. are customized to the need of advertisers according to their budgets.

We ensure a high resolution display in an appropriate screen size giving a visual treat of the displays to our audience.

The Unique Exhibit of Your Communication

Through Mumbai’s Lifeline…

First time in the history of Mumbai, we connect you to the “Mumbai’s Lifeline”… EMU LOCAL TRAINS!!

Our presence is on Western line of Mumbai’s EMU local trains in which the contents are viewed by the millions of commuters through a day on the infotainment screens strategically installed in each coach.