5 Questions You Should Always Ask To The Candidate You Are Hiring


When you are looking for a talented candidate to fill an important vacancy in your company, it is easy to hire a candidate by assuming his skills based on his/her stellar resume. Most often, a well-written resume with impressive accomplishments can increase the hiring chances, but it's just a one factor. Well, to ensure that the candidate is right fit for your organization, you need to talk to the candidates about their skills, area of internet and career objectives during the interview process.

Here are the top questions to ask during an interview:

  • What are your career objectives?

This question looks like an easy question that give a candidate an opportunity to open up right off the bat. Well, if the candidate answers related to the specific role that your company is looking for, you can get it as a signal of the right choice for your company.

  • Why should we choose you?

This is the question to find out how much research the candidate has done about your company and prepared for possible question and answer in job interview. You can hire the candidate as per his capability of articulating his ambitions and accomplishments.

  • What attributes you are looking in an employer?

This is the important question to know if the potential candidate is adaptive for your work culture. If you find that the candidate is saying a bunch of things that your company do, you can welcome him with a green flag.

  • What are your skills?

This is an alternative for "what you do the best?" By asking this question, you can find out the skills that can be fused into the workplace.  Answering this question nicely is also good for potential career growth of the candidate.

  • What motivated you to work in your domain?

Sometimes, candidates talk about money as their highest motivator to work. Well, you should wait for the unique responses and prefer to choose the one who says passion as his motivation to work as passion and self-motivation plays a crucial role behind the employees’ efficiency and productivity.

Well, finding such skilled candidates is not as easy as it seems, but there are some platforms available like FairConnects where you can find employees who are the best suit your company. You can create your profile on this portal and find suitable candidates as per the required skills, qualifications and experience.  FairConnects is the most trusted and user-friendly portal that makes your recruitment process easier and smoother. 



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