How To Handle An Interview Rejection For Your Dream Job?


Rejection, while often viewed as the sign of failure by many individuals. Being rejected in the interview of a dream job may dent the confidence and self-esteem. However, a candidate should think positively, address area of improvements, build on core strengths and get prepared for a job that suits the best on your skills and qualifications. Well, rejection is an opportunity to move forward towards new open doors rather than starring at the closed ones.

In many cases, candidates feel that they nailed a job interview and excited to receive a call saying yes, you are hired! But unfortunately, it doesn't come. Instead, they get a voicemail from the interviewer’s side that the position has been filled or they are keeping the resume for future opportunities. If you have also got the rejection for your dream job and now you are searching for- "how to handle rejection?"

Here are some ways that can help you to get over rejection while concentrating on the next opportunities :


  • Quit Overanalyzing: Most people drive themselves crazy by replaying the whole scene over and over again in their head. This lead them to cause more disappointment and limit you to prepare for the next job interview. Thus, it is always advised to move forward and quit overanalyzing the job rejection letter.


  • Address the Issues: No matter what the reason behind your rejection, you should address the area of improvement and work on that. Whether you got rejected due to lack of technical knowledge, communication skills or confidence, you should always address the issues for further improvement.


  • Watch Motivational Videos: You should get the feedback from your interviewer and share them with your close friends, mentors and colleagues so that you can practice for the improved performance in the next interview. You can watch some motivational videos that will boost your confidence and self-esteem to face the next interview with full confidence and positivity.


  • Take a Walk: When you feel low due to job application rejection email, the best thing you can do is take a walk in the park situated near to your home. As nature can give you huge therapeutic benefits and help you improve your mood, focus and creativity.


Most often, candidates lose their momentum and patience while waiting to hear from an interview that they are shortlisted, especially when they think they nailed the interview. well, until you got a mail or voicemail from an interviewer's side, you should continue with your search. You can create your profile on any reliable job portal such as FairConnects and find a job relevant to your skills, experience, and qualifications. FairConnects is the most reliable and user-friendly job portal that meets all your job requirements.




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