Top Benefits For Startups By Government Of India


These days, a startup is one of the ultimate dreams of many people, especially for young graduates. They take degrees from the top institutions and start venturing into startups rather than being hired by any corporate organization. Owning a startup may sound very fascinating for you but it has another side too as startups can make or break your business. So, you should not just focus on the rosy side of the story while avoiding the underbelly of the startup businesses. Well, if you are a citizen of India, a startup is no more your dream as you can get numerous benefits under the leadership of our honorable PM Narendra Modi. To promote the Startup India, he has released a number of schemes to ensure growth and empower business.


Here are top 5 benefits that are being given to startups for better establishment:


  • Easy Process: Government of India has made it easier to have registration for setting up a startup business. You just have to fill up a simple form and upload certain documents to complete the online process.


  • Easy Fund Access: you can get up to 10,000 crores rupees’ fund to set up your startup business. The Government is a guarantee to the startup owners to encourage financial institutions like banks to offer venture capital.


  • Tax Saving For Investors: It can be quite attractive for investors to get an exemption from capital gains through venture funds or schemes for startups set up by the government. This is also the best tax saving option for investors.


  • Get Huge Networking Opportunities: Government conducts 2 startup fests on annual basis both nationally and internationally to enable stakeholders to meet together and get huge networking opportunities.


Well, these are the benefits you can get from the government of India if you are interested to set up a startup. If you want to know more about the government schemes for small businesses, then you can take assistance from FairConnects. This is the best and most popular portal where startups can connect with investors who can meet their set criteria and requirements. Visit us for more details.




Top Benefits For Startups By Government Of India


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