Who We Are

FairConnects is a digital signage division of JC Ventures. We create innovative communication, giving comprehensive and infallible solutions to your advertisements with our infotainment system.

Our displays/advertisements are broadcast on digital screens in Local Trains - Lifeline of Mumbai. With our attractive on-screen presentation, we strive to engage as many eyeballs of commuter for your products.

We respect your decision and are dedicated in making your business achieve the attention it deserves. Our systems are supported with a robust and stable installations, strategic tie-ups, amazing content, constant connection, and continuous innovation.

Why FairConnects

Mumbai's Lifeline

The FairConnects is the solo operator which directly connects you to the throbbing Mumbai's Lifeline offering you an attention of million eyeballs in a day while travelling into the local trains. With almost 80% of the Mumbai's population commuting in local trains, we offer you this unique opportunity to advertise your brand and campaign to enhance your sales.

Committed Viewership

With the distracted viewership of advertisements on television media due to inter-surfing of channels, browsing through the pages of the newspaper, we give you an unwavering attention of the commuter travelling in the coaches.

Inexpensive Solution

We leverage you with a very high ROI, Cost effective solution and enable you with to stand out from the crowd.