Success Story

The JC saga began over 20 years ago.
With an aspiration and some dreams.
Soon goals were set, and challenges were met.
And the focus never shifted.
From a single location computer institute, the initiative grew and transformed into the computer education pioneer, known as Network for Information and Computer Technology (NICT).
After initiating generations of students into the futuristic world of IT, and becoming the biggest ICT provider for the government of India, NICT then metamorphosed into an aggressive private limited enterprise.
Territory after territory, state after state, soon became part of the NICT net.
Technology led us into the future. Opportunity after new opportunity presented themselves. The group responded courageously. And magnificently. Soon, the group moved authoritatively into banking and financial services.
Today, the group is an entity that provides much appreciated benefits to the public of India. Direct employment to more than four hundred people. Indirect employment for more than ten thousand people across the country. And in a great financial transaction triumph, we affect the lives of more than four crore people daily.
This is the leadership, and the team, that has launched JC Ventures - to transform magical rewards in the job market, the self-employment matrix, the medicare world, in e-commerce, in domestic money transfer, and finally in social work with a global perspective.
Come, be a part of our journey to success and prosperity, just follow JC.